5 Unique Ways to Bring GREEN (Color) Into Your Interiors

St. Patrick’s Day is typically a fun day of drinking green beer and wearing crazy green attire but, I would much rather love the idea of designing with the color green. While recently speaking to a group of 8th graders about how to use color within design, I was asked specifically about the color green. It really made me stop and think about this seemingly unpopular color/neutral. Green is the color you find in nature the most abundant and is the most relaxing color to the eye. With so many tones and shades of the color it can be used successfully in many areas. It can bring harmony to your living area, fantasy to your bedroom and relaxation to your bathroom. So, grab your green beer and let

Shoppers Guide 101: 7 Steps to Making the Best Interior Design Buying Decisions

Have you ever walked into your favorite home furniture store or tile showroom and said “Oh my gosh, I love that! This would be perfect in my home…I’m taking it today!” Then you see the price and say “Well, maybe I’ll wait.” If that’s ever been you, raise your hand. Hahaha Lots of hands going up, right?! No worries, as consumers we’ve all been there before. Of course, we all want to get the best bang for our buck when it comes to hiring a professional or purchasing items for our home. Unfortunately, often times we talk ourselves out of utilizing a service or making a higher-priced purchase due to sticker shock. As a 10-year vet in the decorating/design industry, I’ve seen my fair share o

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