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Project Spotlight:
Muller Residence - Luxury Mid-Century Modern Full Gut Kitchen Remodel

This sprawling, 3,096-square-foot modern home resides in Sugar Land, TX, and is nestled against the beautifully manicured golf course of the Sugar Creek subdivision.  R J Clifton Designs, LLC's focus for this 4-bedroom/3-bathroom dwelling was to create, change, & cultivate a purposeful kitchen design to meet our savvy homeowner's specific needs and expectations.  Our essential strategy was to create a functional, culinary masterpiece that combined the best of Mid-Century design with all the conveniences of a modern cooking space. This included ample storage, high-end finishes, and a layout to meet entertaining large family gatherings.

The design plan focused on changing the antiquated, traditional layout of the kitchen to fit the homeowner's mid-century modern appeal.  Our firm appropriated the client’s proposed color scheme and finishes by cultivating a concept that not only elevated their design style but also introduced an artistic flair. 


The gutted space was reframed to accommodate the solid wood and painted frameless European cabinets used throughout the perimeter.  Textural black granite slabs and sumptuous White Beauty marble gave surface to our perimeter counters and working island. Natural light from a large window was replaced with sufficient task and accent lighting while the floors were laid with a utilitarian gray porcelain.  Our clients were delighted to incorporate a suite of black stainless ZLine appliances which included a 48-inch, 8 burner dual range.  With a nod to this iconic style, R J Clifton Designs, LLC fashioned a solution that allowed our clients to design outside the lines.

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