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R J Clifton Designs, LLC's Home Office - Houston, TX

"A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy." -Juan Montoya  


Creating an artistic yet functional space for clients can be easy, but when it came to planning the office space for R J Clifton Designs, LLC, we struggled with visually pulling all of the details together.  It was our desire to create a functional space that not only displayed Rhonnika's aesthetic but one which also showed our clients the many different design styles and possibilities.


The 12'x12' space, which once served as a formal sitting room, received a complete upgrade. We started with addressing the lack of lighting.  Although the room received great natural light, it lacked any other electric light forms.  We added and layered in recessed cans, a chandelier, sconces & a table lamp for optimum working capabilities.  The star of the space is the custom removable vinyl floor that was applied directly over our existing wood flooring.  Its shine is created from the protective layer of epoxy that was applied on top to prevent scratches and major damage.  We chose to paint the walls a matte white in order to support the dramatic nature of the floor and bright pink ceiling.  Multiple sheens were selected for added depth and light reflectance.  Antique Luis XVI sitting chairs were given an upgrade with custom upholstery in an electric blue velvet. Finally, we added a custom roman shade in a geometric pattern and an eclectic array of furnishings & decor.



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