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5 Unique Ways to Add GREEN (Color) Into Your Interiors

St. Patrick’s Day is typically a fun day of drinking green beer and wearing crazy green attire but, I would much rather love the idea of designing with the color green. While recently speaking to a group of 8th graders about how to use color within design, I was asked specifically about the color green. It really made me stop and think about this seemingly unpopular color/neutral.

Green is the color you find in nature the most abundant and is the most relaxing color to the eye. With so many tones and shades of the color it can be used successfully in many areas. It can bring harmony to your living area, fantasy to your bedroom and relaxation to your bathroom.

So, grab your green beer and let’s chat about five unique ways to bring green color into your home.

1. Have a Seat

If you’re not afraid to go bold and looking to add flair to your kitchen, green, in the right amounts, can be used successfully. Out of the many ways you can use the color (accent wall, decorative stools, artwork etc.) one of the most interesting ways is to use it on your seating. For example, if you go for a green counter/bar stool, it will become the focal point of the room and will give a modern fresh look. **PRO TIP: Be sure to measure the height of the countertop that you're putting the stools up against. A quick rule of thumb is, if your sink is located in the countertop where you're placing the stools, you need a counter stool. If your countertop is higher than the level of your sink, you need a bar stool. If your countertop is any higher than 42", you may need a custom stool height.

Green, white, and gray marble countertop with green counter stools
Mid Century Modern Kitchen with Green Stools

2. Naturally, Nature

Good design should focus on every sense…sight, smell, hearing, touch (not sure how well a coffee table would taste though). Bringing foliage in, whether real or artificial, can accentuate your space; all while using at least three of your five senses. Not all greenery can survive well indoors, especially if there isn’t adequate light, but there are several houseplants' experts consistently recommend as sturdy indoor greenery. The Fiddle Leaf Fig, Zee Zee Plants (can be poisonous to pets and children), Rubber Plants, Boston Ferns, Dracaena (also poisonous to pets), Snake Plants, Succulents and Air Plants are all great and easy to maintain houseplants.

Wood dining table, black and wood side chairs with sheepskin rugs, black trim windows, natural foliage, and area rug
Foliage in Dining Room

3. Go for the Green Light

There are many ways to achieve dramatic and suitable lighting for a space, but one of the most popular (and ever-growing) ways is through LED lighting. LED lights are amazing decorative lighting fixtures that transform living spaces. They are compact and bring contemporary Green (this speaks for its energy-saving qualities and the color choice) technology into modern homes. You can use this innovative lighting style to create fabulous shapes and decorate room furniture and walls in a creative and unique way. They are also a great way to add color & interest to an apartment or rental space when you are not able to paint.

White bedroom with green LED light illuminating on the window wall
LED Green Lit Room

4. Travel the World…Right from your Carpet

What’s more unique than having a custom carpet in your game room or man cave that looks like the aerial view of your favorite part of the world? This design, by Iranian artist Seyed Alavi, was brilliantly used in the Sacramento International Airport to depict the Sacramento River. Alavi used digital imaging to have this picture woven into a carpet. Its lush green color is the perfect “welcome mat” for travelers as they move through the airport.

Iranian artist Seyed Alavi Sacramento International Airport
Aerial view carpet

5. Kelly, Kelly, Kelly…Green!

Tile has always been a source of adding unique flair to any space and Kelly Wearstler’s new line for Ann Sacks takes this medium to a whole new level. Wearstler has brilliantly combined contemporary and classic, masculine and feminine and raw and refined to showcase a line of tiles that will pop in any space. In particular, I am in love with Kelly’s Liaison Stone Mosaic Collection. It combines geometric modernism with a Grecian twist. The added pop of Emerald blended with the Carrara and Nero marble make for an appealing contrast that is both sexy and daring.

Green, black, and white tile with grey veining in various shapes
Luxury Tile

I don’t know about you, but I’m GREEN with envy over these unique ways to add the color green. Design is a complete extension of who you are and what you love and by implementing these and other unique tips into your home; you too can Design Outside the Lines.




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